Become one with nature

Pick a bouquet of wildflowers every day

Designed by nature, a wildflower meadow is a natural eco-system that is a combination of wildflowers and native grasses, all growing in harmony. Even a small 5-foot-square meadow is lovely and beckoning.

Native Nebraska wildflowers are stunningly beautiful. They reseed themselves and require minimal maintenance once established. These meadows are sensory places and a joyous place to explore for humans, pets, birds and butterflies alike.

It's a place of serenity and an atmosphere that soothes the soul. Be one with nature in your own backyard retreat. Prices start at just $1.25 per square foot and include:

  • A meadow planned and designed with your EcoCoach so it's uniquely yours
  • Removal of existing lawn and vegetation (which we will compost)
  • Improvement of the soil with organic compost and compost tea
  • Preparation of the seed bed and planting
  • Use of our drip irrigation system with automatic timer (goof proofs watering) until plants establish
  • Six months of chemical-free weeding and care

Call 402-575-7988 or request a quote and get more information about creating your very own wildflower meadow.