Lawns should be bare-feet friendly

Learn more about organic lawns

Do you use strict organic methods?

Absolutely. Organic is not a niche or afterthought for Squeaky Green Organics. Your EcoCoach has the expertise and know-how to make organic programs work and deliver superior results. We'll use the same organic materials and methods on your yard as we use on the Squeaky Green Organics farm where we grow delectable, certified organic, heirloom vegetables.

Some lawn care providers may use terms like "natural", "green," or "organic-based" to describe their program. But only "certified organic" materials and methods are truly organic. It's based on a strict system of farming that mimics natural ecosystems, and focuses on feeding the soil so it can feed the plant. Your EcoCoach works with nature to solve problems by promoting soil biological activity. We use practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. All materials used on your lawn and garden are the same as those that have been approved for use on our certified organic vegetable farm.

Will my organic lawn be 100% weed free?

"A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most of the lawns we care for are virtually weed free after we've detoxed the soil and created a thriving system. We understand peer pressure may exist in a community to have a 100% weed-free lawn. We've also noticed many progressive communities now exert peer pressure to NOT have a 100% weed-free lawn. These conscious folks believe if there is even a one percent chance that chemical pesticides could harm kids and pets, a 100% weed-free lawn is not worth the price. At Squeaky Green Organics, we do not scorn those who aspire for a weed-free chemical lawn. A yard is a personal space that should reflect the priorities and values of the homeowner.

A 100% weed-free chemical lawn is much like the "perfect" food we have eaten for the past half century, made from bleached white flour, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and synthetic preservatives. These ingredients have made our food cheap, quick to prepare and longer-lasting. But their negatives effects are coming to light, and consumers are changing their mindset.

So to answer the question, an organic lawn will not be 100% weed-free if your definition of a weed is different than that of Ralph Waldo Emerson. An organic lawn may have a few weeds, but think of them as beauty marks.

How much does an organic lawn cost?

It takes an on-site inspection by a Squeaky Green Organics EcoCoach to estimate the cost. But you can be assured of three things:

  • The cost to detox a chemical lawn will be 2-3x the cost to maintain an organic lawn. That's because detoxifying and reversing the damage caused by chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers requires the skills and time of a highly trained EcoCoach, specialized equipment, and premium quality soil amendments.
  • Unless the price of crude oil hits $150 a barrel, detoxing your lawn will likely cost more than to continue dousing it with synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. That's because the production of synthetic fertilizer and chemical pesticides requires fossil fuel energy.
  • However, once ecological balance is restored, most organic lawns cost significantly less to maintain than chemical lawns.

The following factors significantly reduce the time and cost to detox your lawn (listed in order of priority):

  • The builder of your home did not remove the topsoil before construction (or they replaced it after construction).
  • The homeowner follows the mowing and irrigating instructions provided by their EcoCoach.
  • The homeowner has a lawn composed of buffalograss instead of bluegrass (or is willing to convert to buffalograss).
  • The homeowner tolerates some weeds during the detox phase.

Ballpark, the detox phase will cost between $0.11 and $0.32 per square foot for the first year.

I'm having a party and there's a patch of unsightly weeds in my organic lawn. Can you give my lawn a "quick fix" without it "falling off the wagon?"

Yeah, your EcoCoach has you covered! In the unlikely event there is no viable organic solution to the weed problem (including hand weeding), we'll work with a third-party contractor to spot treat just the weeds with a chemical pesticide. Spot spraying weeds with a chemical pesticide once or twice a year will not cause your lawn to "fall off the wagon" or reverse the forward momentum toward achieving a thriving organic lawn.

Grow a thriving lawn

When's the last time you enjoyed walking barefoot across your lawn? A lawn should not require protective gear. So get your lawn off the sauce and make the switch to an organic lawn.

Your Squeaky Green EcoCoach has the expertise and specialized equipment needed to detox your lawn so it can get its thrive on. Our work is always 100% organic. So it's safer for you, your kids, and your pets, because every toe and paw and elbow deserves a safe, healthy lawn.

Prices for the detox phase range from $0.11 to $0.32 per square foot, depending on the current soil condition. Once you've got your lawn off the sauce, maintenance is as low as $0.06 per square foot.

Call 402-575-7988 or request a quote and get more information about a creating a lawn that's worthy of your bare feet.