More food, more beauty, less lawn

Have your landscape and eat it too

Have you heard about the hottest movement in landscaping? Edible landscaping is simply integrating food-bearing plants with ornamental plants. You can convert some of your lawn or simply interplant edible plants into existing flowerbeds. We love to create functional landscapes that maintain a balance between visual beauty and natural resources.

Vegetables make dramatic and sophisticated landscape plants. Consider a trellis of cherry tomatoes cascading over an entryway bordered, buoyed with fragrant and colorful basils. Or a plot of colorful and exotic lettuces interplanted with dwarf nasturtiums. In shady areas, a fringe of alpine strawberries and curly parsley under a hedge of elderberry. Perennials such as asparagus, sorrel, rhubarb, garlic and strawberries bear a delectable harvest year after year without replanting. Perennial herbs include anise hyssop, chives, fennel, tarragon, rosemary, sage and thyme.

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