Worms make great friends

Thrively organic worm tarts help plants get their thrive on

Make friends with worms (and the tiny "casting" tarts they leave behind) because they create the richest soil in the world. This stuff will give your garden some get-up-and-go. It's perfect for lawns, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, and houseplants. Thrively organic worm tarts contain enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, probiotics, detoxifiers, beneficial fungi, and beneficial bacteria that rejuvenate and revitalize soil biology. Give your yard something it'll love you for.


  • Reverses the wicked impacts chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers can have on your garden's beneficial microorganisms.
  • Helps plants get their thrive on, especially in urban settings or when soil conditions are unfriendly.
  • Promotes healthy soil biology, improves nutrient retention, brightens outlook.
  • Packed with auxins and cytokines, which are growth hormones that help produce bigger and more fibrous plant roots.

Thrively organic worm tarts are available at the Squeaky Green Organics booth at Omaha's Farmer's Market in the Old Market on any Saturday from May 5 to October 13 (8 AM to 12:30 PM).

For large areas of your yard (lawn, trees, shrubs, rose gardens, flower gardens, vegetable gardens), your Squeaky Green Organics EcoCoach will apply Thrively organic worm tarts with a special piece of equipment in the spring, summer, and fall (or at your direction). Call 402-575-7988 or request a quote to get more information about Thrively organic worm tarts. It'll help your plants get their thrive on.