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Will the real tomato please stand up?

Bite into a perfectly ripe, heirloom tomato from Squeaky Green Organics. You'll discover what a real tomato tastes like. We only grow heirloom vegetables because they are amazingly flavorful and visually beautiful. And kids love 'em!

Farming is our Passion

We grow open-pollinated heirloom vegetables for our community. Whether you're hunting for the fresh sweet flavor of Paris Market carrots, the visual beauty of Palla di Fuoco Rossa chicory, the mild, sweet flavor of Blue Solaize leeks, the nutty flavor of Mitra parsnips, the distinctly oyster flavored Hoffman's Schwarze scorzonera, or the complex floral bouquet and deeply satisfying flavor of a Noir des Carmes cantaloupe, we grow the perfect vegetable for your perfect, lovingly created dish. We also specialize in native prairie plants like huckleberry, sorrel, claytonia, dandelion, cress, and minutina.

The Heirloom Difference

Heirloom vegetables are amazingly flavorful and visually beautiful, so that's all we grow. But what's an heirloom variety? Heirloom refers to a class of vegetables cherished over time by seed-savers who have passed them through the generations. We grow heirlooms on a small scale to ensure beauty, flavor and natural vine-ripened goodness.

Picked By Hand for the Best Taste

Unlike many growers who harvest their vegetables weeks before they are ripe, we hand pick our vegetables at their peak of flavor. We immediately rush the vegetables to your kitchen, and we hope they inspire one culinary masterpiece after another.

Fresh In January?

Everything we grow benefits from an innovative set of tunnel structures that protect the crop and allow vegetables to thrive year round. That's why we can deliver tomatoes in May and carrots, spinach, and lettuce all year--even in January! Our ingenuity and agronomic expertise enable us to successfully grow exotic vegetables requested by chefs.

Ecological Harmony

We use a system of farming that mimics natural ecosystems and focuses on feeding the soil so it can feed the plant. At Squeaky Green Organics, we work with nature to solve problems by promoting soil biological activity. We use minimal off-farm materials and trust management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.

Concentrating Flavor in the Field

We've developed innovative organic growing techniques that significantly improve flavor, nutrient density and shelf life. For example, we precisely manage the water and mineral content of the soil to concentrate flavors in tomatoes. A refractometer enables us to quantitatively measure sugar, mineral and protein content of vegetables throughout the harvest season. Refractometers are commonly used to check the sweetness of grapes, helping winemakers predict ideal harvest times. We use it to schedule harvest, ensuring vegetables are at their peak of flavor. We can even quantitatively match the sweetness of, for example carrots, to a Chef's preference for minimum sweetness.

Terroir, for vegetables?

Some of our tomatoes and melons are intentionally planted in the farm's most challenging soil. This soil is fortified with sea minerals and denied most of the rainwater that falls during the growing season. These factors combined with aggressive pruning results in highly stressed plants that average a yield of only 25% of the rest of the farm. The plants have to struggle to survive, thus reducing production and concentrating the flavor to only one or two fruits per plant. High density planting forces their root systems to compete and dig deeper for moisture and sustenance, and the heat transmitted by mulch helps them ripen fully. The unique microclimate and soil combined with cultural practices create a terroir that is unique, and cannot be reproduced outside our farm.

The Squeaky Green Difference

  • Only heirloom varieties for their amazing flavor and exceptional visual beauty
  • Grown, cleaned and packed to the highest safety standards
  • Hand harvested at the peak of ripeness to maximize flavor and nutrition
  • Picked to order and immediately delivered for the ultimate freshness, flavor and prolonged shelf life, which means less waste
  • Innovative growing systems allow us to grow the most flavorful, nutritious and broadest assortment of heirloom vegetables, herbs, micro greens and edible flowers -year round

We're dedicated to delivering the heirloom tastes and beauty every discerning chef needs. Think of us as your personal farmer. We're ready to grow just about anything you ask for, and we're always testing new sizes, colors, textures and flavors. We'd love to give you a personal tasting.

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