It's time to take back our yards.

For too long, we've slaved over the perfect lawn, the manicured, manufactured lawn. For too long, we've held ourselves to an impossible standard, and denied ourselves the plentiful pleasures of our yards.

It's time to give our yards a break, and to let them breathe. It's time to let them live. We must liberate our yards from the terrors of toxicity and learn to celebrate the succulence of sustainability, the beauty of bountiful, the thrill of thriving.

For in the slanted orange glimmer of the new morning light we shall step out into a new yard, and a better yard. Where native species sprout, and veritable vegetables burst out.

We shall raise our hoes, summer our saults, and wheel our barrows forward. We shall raise claim to the compost, plant our selves and our families in our yards and discover what greatness can become of the good old American yard.


IntroducingThe New American Yard

» What is it?

A safer place for your family

Because we don’t use toxic chemicals

Where kids and adults can ‘co-grow’

Spend quality time with your kids in the yard

It’s a healthier place to play

No pesticides means you can get outside and play more

What We Do

Squeaky Green Organics transforms lawns and gardens into personal, beautiful, thriving places. Our work is always 100% organic. So it's safer for you, your kids, and your pets.

It's The New American Yard - a place where lawn and garden ecosystems thrive alongside healthy and happy family ecosystems.

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Did you Know?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found multiple pesticide residues, including the herbicide 2,4-D, in the bodies of children ages 6-11 at significantly higher levels than all other age categories. Herbicides such as 2,4-D and Mecoprop, chemicals tied to respiratory ailments, are found in 15 percent of children tested, ages 3 to 7, whose parents had recently applied the lawn chemicals.

Ask an EcoCoach

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to explain your organic lawn program. My husband is still concerned about our lawn looking worse than the neighbors. He doesn't want weeds. What should I tell him?

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